Hi There! I'm Calee.

(I also answer to chimes.)

I’m a queer, nonbinary woman. I’m a designer, multimedia artist, educator, and aspiring bass player. I work and play in the fields I love most: art and design—the blurred line between those worlds is where I thrive. I’m passionate about design for good and social justice.

In my spare time I design surface patternsmake art and home goodscraft, listen to and play music, write, spend time outdoors, and make delicious food.

graphic design social by Calee A.H. Cecconi ©2015

I'm a designer and multimedia artist.

I’m a professor of art and design, a graphic designer, and a multimedia artist. You can find me in the classroom covered in paint and/or immersed in code.

PS: I also design fabric and  home goods.

Amy Butler and Wonderland wonky log cabin quit by Calee Cecconi © 2019 chimesdesign.com

I love making things.

I’m happiest when I’m making things, and most of the things I make end up on this blog. 

You’ll find sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, and other fun craft and DIY projects on my blog.

chimes listening to sweet tunes // lifeplusrunning.com

I'm a music nerd.

When I was little I wanted to be a rock star. Hell, I still kind of want to be a rock star! 

I collect vinyl and cassette tapes. I’ve DJed at a radio station. I was in a band in college, and I still play around with my bass guitar in case there’s still hope to become the next Kim Gordon or Kim Deal.

Clearly I’m obsessed with music. 

PS: Here’s where you realize I’m a 90s kid.

PPS: You can peek my vinyl collection on Discogs.

Lemon ice cream recipe // lifeplusrunning.com

I love cooking and baking.

I love making food, which is great because I have food allergies so I end up making a lot of my own versions of classic dishes. 

Cookies and ice creams are my specialty, but you’ll find lots of other recipes on this site.

PS: my site used to be called life+running! It’s been a journey.

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