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  • Workout vacation.

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    Nope — not a vacation in which I work out. That’s what Blend Retreat is. 😉 I want to reflect on this last 7 days: my impromptu workout vacation. Our bodies need a break from time to time. I’ve gotten in the nasty habit of only taking a break when my body breaks down. This is […]

  • Austin-bound!

    Before I get to the good stuff, I have to tell you that I ran a mile yesterday! I never thought I’d be so excited about running a mile. I may have been ignoring the fact that my knee was bugging me since … oh … November … when I fell and bonked it twice […]

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  • Minnesota Road Trip!

    This past weekend, Mark and I trekked up north to his family’s place in the Twin Cities to hit up his brother’s 30th Birthday and Housewarming party.  Our friend Ben met us at Mark’s parents’ house on the way back from a camping trip in Canada. Ben’s car had been broken into a few different […]

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  • sooooo busy!!

    I haven’t updated much lately because I’ve got way too much going on! Quick updates: The other designer I work with is leaving next Thursday, so we’ll be down yet another person at work. I pride myself in saying that we hardly ever HAVE to stay late and when I do it’s of my own […]