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  • FO Friday: Tattoo Dishes

    When I was moving, I uncovered these fabulous dishes I was working on back in 2009.  I totally forgot about them, but am hoping to finish them before Craft Saturday on April 30. Except … I have no idea what to put in the ribbon on the hearts. There are 4 plates that need something […]

  • Getting Ink’d

    She’s gettin’ a tattoo yeah, she’s gettin’ ink done. Wow that’s an old song. Anyway, I posted a while back about beautiful body art, and I’m excited to say that I’m now the proud owner of some.  I’m going back to get a couple of things added and a little touchup work with the pink. […]

  • SUMMER SALE on Etsy!

    I recently marked down a LOT of items on my etsy shop for an Independence Day Sale.  I decided to extend the sale into a summer sale. As always, shipping to Des Moines and Ames is free.  Just contact me before buying so I can adjust the shipping price and arrange a drop-off/pickup. Here are […]

  • last week’s craftsplosion

    Here’s what I came up with last week during my last-minute-pull-stuff-together-for-Market-Day freakout: birdies and coffee on corningware (see, I need new designs!) I have 6 of these.  exciting. musical flowers pink plate musical flowers yellow plate teatime with gram turquoise mug — “one lump or two?” birdies and coffee on white teacup/saucer — I sold […]

  • more ceramics

    I’m preparing for my first ever craft show next weekend and I’m upcycling a buttload of vintage ceramics…fiestaware…pyrex…cornin gware, etc. Instead of sectioning them out, I decided to dump them all in one post. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll probably have another big post like this next week as well.  I’ve got about 15-20 more […]