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  • BRB: living life.

    me before The Faint in Des Moines on 4/24/2014

    Dear Internet: Hi. I’ve been enjoying being unplugged from you when I go home for the evenings and weekends. Sure, I’ll share an occasional photo or quip, but mostly I’ve been living my life IRL instead of virtually. Being unplugged actually quite relaxing and rewarding, although some people find it impossible to do. See ya […]

  • BLACK FRIDAY, indeed.

    It’s Black Friday. Are you shopping? I’m not. The closest I’ve ever come to Black Friday shopping is selling at Market Day’s Black Friday Sale last year. By the way, I have to share Market Day’s posters for this year’s Black Friday sale (happening today in Des Moines from 9-5). I’m pretty sure my friend […]

  • closing up shop.

    Yesterday I removed most of the items in my crafty etsy shop. I packed up my little zippy bags and sent them to Revival in Iowa City and my wallets were shipped to Vitae Design Collective in Des Moines. I plan to maintain a commission relationship with both of those places. Commission allows me to make and sell without […]