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  • What I’ve been up to

    I realized I’ve not blogged lately.  Which is weird. But I have been SUPER busy. I’ve been crafting up Christmas presents — for my friends and for those who’ve purchased crafty items from my etsy store for the holidays.  I’ve been spending the past several days filling a pretty large order of tattoo mugs that […]

  • Lunchtime Run!

    I’ve got a Mary Kay facial in about a half hour, so I’m just chilling out and finishing up some stuff and hanging around at work. Today was really nice out… 30°ish and NO SNOW!  I took advantage and ran at noon.  BEAUTIFUL out but my body just wasn’t having it. I think I’m sore […]

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  • Lunchtime blog

    Since I’m too lazy to walk over and run on a treadmill in this below 0° weather… I’m taking a 10 minute break to blog it up over lunch. Nothing too exciting is going on this week other than the fact that it’s ridiculously cold out. Temperature in Anchorage, Alaska is 41° today. Temperature here: […]

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  • I literally RAN an errand.

    Saving the planet and my ass at the same time. Yesterday I woke up super late (11:30ish) and felt kinda crappy from the previous night out (Angry Japanese Minnow Farmer+Olde Main’s Off Kilt-er = not a good combo). Anyway, I was in Ames and I needed to get to Des Moines and accomplish 3 things […]