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  • Getting Ink’d

    She’s gettin’ a tattoo yeah, she’s gettin’ ink done. Wow that’s an old song. Anyway, I posted a while back about beautiful body art, and I’m excited to say that I’m now the proud owner of some.  I’m going back to get a couple of things added and a little touchup work with the pink. […]

  • more wings!

    wow this is  a pretty productive morning (for blogging anyway — not so much for getting ready for work!). I got more wings from my friend Kim the other day and these are GLORIOUS!  I’ve asked her to develop a painting for me in the style of the sketch page she sent and I’m going […]

  • wings!

    this will be short, and I hope my friend Kim doesn’t mind… but she’s been working on some wings for me for the tattoo I’ve been wanting to get since I ran my marathon. I said if I ran a marathon, I’d get a tattoo… and I ran a marathon…but no tattoo yet! I want […]