wednesday 13 – life+running
  • ETC
  • twenty-seven.

    27 is still close enough to 25 to be considered mid-twenties, right? What will this year bring? Who knows.  I already have ONE big change in store, but I’m not sharing just yet (oh the suspense is killing all of my 5 readers).  Cat will be out of the bag by the end of the […]

  • Celebrity Skinned

    This week for Sweet Tunes Thursday, I’m giving you a recap of the Murderdolls show I went to on Monday the 30th. I’m sure this sounds totally lame, but that show being scheduled was a dream come true. The fact that they reformed and released an ALBUM is something I’ve fantasized about for the past […]

  • Iowa
  • rockin’ august!

    WOW this august has proven to be a rockin’ one. Megadeth/Slayer/Testament last Saturday and on Monday, Aug. 30th, I’m going to FINALLY get to see the Murderdolls — one of my absolute favorite bands ever. This is beyond exciting because I didn’t think I’d EVER get the chance to see the ‘dolls. They released an […]