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  • Iowa
  • 10 Mile Run

    I haven’t run more than 9 miles since last year’s half marathon, but I ran 10 last weekend. And shattered my old 10 mile PR! By 14 minutes. Check it out — here are my race times (some are embarrassing — note that my mile time for the marathon is my WALKING pace, though I […]

  • ETC
  • Minnesota Road Trip!

    This past weekend, Mark and I trekked up north to his family’s place in the Twin Cities to hit up his brother’s 30th Birthday and Housewarming party.  Our friend Ben met us at Mark’s parents’ house on the way back from a camping trip in Canada. Ben’s car had been broken into a few different […]

  • EAT
  • memorial day fun

    I just got all my stuff moved, and I’m settling in. Time to check out my awesome new porch on the roof with the cool spool table. Nothing like beers, brats and cigars to start the summer off. Our friend Matt lighting his cigar Mark hanging out on my porch with the awesome spool table. […]