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  • Intervention: Sugar.

    I’ve spent the week in DC for a conference for work, and in true Calee-fashion, I’ve cruised every grocery store in the area. Not looking for anything in particular — just browsing. How do you think a grocer would respond if he or she asked, “Can I help you find something?” and you replied “Just […]

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  • WWinning + Green Jell-o


    You guys may have noticed that I’ve been adding WeightWatchers (WW) points + values to al(most)l my recipes and to things I pin on Pinterest. I kept it pretty secret from all but my inner circle of peeps, but I’ve been doing WeightWatchers since January. I did the 3-month signup bonus and my 3 months […]

  • Cookie Decorating Party


    My friend, Steph, had a cookie decorating party yesterday. I got pretty stoked about this because I LOVE DECORATING COOKIES — as long as I’m not baking them or making the frosting. 😉 I brought my sprinkles and my gel food coloring and we got down to business with some mulled apple cider. Oh, and […]

  • SUGAR RUSH: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Tuesday was my boss’s last day at Drake. *insert super sad face here* She’s also pregnant — WITH TWINS! So we had a combination going-away-baby-shower party for her. I made chocolate covered strawberries. YUM. One thing I learned from this round of chocolate covered strawberries (I’ve had less pretty ones created from previous batches): BE […]