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  • Running Rituals

    As I laced up my shoes the other day for one of my first runs in a while, I realized that I’m very ritualistic about the whole running thing. From my attitude, to my music, to my attire, right down to the amount of times I empty my bladder before every run — I have […]

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  • twenty-seven.

    27 is still close enough to 25 to be considered mid-twenties, right? What will this year bring? Who knows.  I already have ONE big change in store, but I’m not sharing just yet (oh the suspense is killing all of my 5 readers).  Cat will be out of the bag by the end of the […]

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  • BOOoooooooots!

    So this post seems pretty petty after the weight of my last post, but nonetheless, I’m excited about my recent boot purchase. I blogged about thinking about buying boots a while back and never bought ’em. I found the perfect pair, but then found a pair of running shoes that I actually did need. So […]

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  • OMG Shoes.

    shoes. shoes. omg shoes. I need some boots.  I’m trying to replace my Leopard Print boots (which my friend Niki blogged about here.) Long story short–the BF hates them…and my feet are too wide now. I’ve narrowed it down to a few different pairs. I love Blowfish shoes, and they’ve got some great boots.  I […]