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  • What? No pink?

    I’m still working through Denyse Schmidt Quilts and I’ve decided to make one of the actual QUILTS instead of one of the mini projects. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m kind of in love with square blocks created from strips (mendocino, wonky log cabin and repro fabrics). They’re easy. They’re fun. They’re practically effortless. Just cut […]

  • dis-cards

    Adria lent me her Denyse Schmidt Quilts book a while back and I’ve been slowly working on a few projects in it. A while back I made a quilted heating pad cover and I’ve been meaning to work on some of the scrappy projects to get through my stash and to build up some fun […]

  • New Clutches!

    I reserved this afternoon for some crafting. I had a few mugs to make and I had a couple ideas for some bags. Here’s the first thing I came up with. I totally forgot the closure, but I’ll figure that out later. I will be making 3 more of these. I’ve got 2 done and […]