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  • #healboston

    heal boston t-shirts proceeds go to the one fund // lifeplusrunning.com

    i probably should elaborate on last week’s post about Boston, but i haven’t had much time to do so. i think i came off as brash, when what i really meant to say is that it bugs me when people get all worked up over things that i perceive as not really affecting them, and […]

  • suck it, trebek.

    I aced the test that I took last week. It’s a class that’s full of undergraduates, and it’s also a class that I might take a bit too seriously. It’s a design history class with a professor who’s kind of easy-going. I sit up front. I over-study. And I’m kind of a teacher’s pet. I […]

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  • The Breakup.

    bloody knee and sprained ankle // lifeplusrunning.com

    (Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.) Before I get into this, I have to tell you that yesterday Mark was all, “Those people commenting on your blog post were all talking about how great their guys are and now how great I am.”  Jokingly, of […]

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  • old people should not drive

    Sorry about the blanket statement. I’m not an agist or anything, but some events happened this week that made me stand firm in my belief that people over the age of 65 need to have more stringent licensing policies.  No: not all elderly people are bad drivers, but it’s a high risk age group (like […]