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  • Iowa
  • The Color Run Des Moines!

    I mentioned that my friend Kelly and I are running The Color Run in Kansas City at the end of the month (or rather, the beginning of July), but last week they opened up a race in Des Moines! [ source ] And who wouldn’t want to run the happiest 5K on earth? Twice! I’m […]

  • RANT
  • I flipping WON a race today

    Welll … that’s kind of an overstatement. I didn’t break the finish line glory or anything, but I got 1st place in my age group (19-24) and 6th place overall in the Capital Striders Capital Pursuit 5K. yes. 5K. Don’t look at me like that.  I don’t normally do short distance, but instead of sitting […]

  • more wings!

    wow this is  a pretty productive morning (for blogging anyway — not so much for getting ready for work!). I got more wings from my friend Kim the other day and these are GLORIOUS!  I’ve asked her to develop a painting for me in the style of the sketch page she sent and I’m going […]