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  • MIMM [16]: life + yoga

    I have LOTS of Marvelous going on in my Monday! Where to begin? I know: yoga. Last week I discovered that I love yoga. I’ve spent years hating yoga, but I’d never tried it hot. Hot yoga sounded miserable, and I already hated yoga because I’m super inflexible. I could only imagine that standing there not even […]

  • New(ish) Quilt Progress

    Well, I have another quilt top finally finished. I’m not particularly fond of the quilting, especially since the price of the quilting was far more expensive than I’d calculated. I’m pretty sure the person I had quilt it quilted it denser just so she could charge me for it, thus, ruining my quilt. It was […]

  • Iowa
  • Happy Anniversary Steph and Nathan!

    My friends Steph and Nathan got married one year ago today, and I was lucky enough to be a part of their beautiful day. They’re currently in Oregon celebrating their anniversary (JEALOUS). [ photo by Amanda Basteen ] And I still haven’t finished their present. Or started actually. I have a really cool idea for […]

  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 about chimes

    Hi. I’m chimes.  If you’ve been reading my blog and are just now figuring this out, well howdy. I’ve decided to try Craftzine’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Profile questions.  Enjoy! One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of 1. My musical flowers pitcher. And the resulting photos of it.  I really miss my little brick […]

  • craftathon

    We are moving again soon. And this weekend is the last weekend that I don’t have plans before the move, so I’m getting my last hurrah out of my system because all my crafty stuff has to go in storage as soon as possible. I started going through my craft stuff and decided to finish […]

  • baby blanket for a friend

    I made this cute baby blanket for a friend. It was really easy. I actually just used my method from handmade napkins but used larger pieces of fabric.  I sewed with fleece for the first (and hopefully last) time. That was an adventure! Fuzzies everywhere.  I almost poked my eye out finishing this thing too! […]

  • What? No pink?

    I’m still working through Denyse Schmidt Quilts and I’ve decided to make one of the actual QUILTS instead of one of the mini projects. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m kind of in love with square blocks created from strips (mendocino, wonky log cabin and repro fabrics). They’re easy. They’re fun. They’re practically effortless. Just cut […]

  • dis-cards

    Adria lent me her Denyse Schmidt Quilts book a while back and I’ve been slowly working on a few projects in it. A while back I made a quilted heating pad cover and I’ve been meaning to work on some of the scrappy projects to get through my stash and to build up some fun […]

  • Obsessed with Wonderland

    I’ve been obsessed with Wonderland by Momo ever since it came out. So, I’ve started working on two new projects with what I’ve got left. I bought a jelly roll a while back and decided to make Thea’s Puzzle Quilt (a pattern by Amy Butler). I’ve got the middle section done, so I just need […]