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  • mendocino progress

    Quite some time ago — okay, a realllllly long time ago — I posted some quilt blocks I had put together. Yes. I realize there was a 2-year time lapse there … This year I’m going through the giant pile of WIP quilt pieces and finishing them. I swear. For real. I decided to use […]

  • FO Friday: Stella Quilt

    You may remember this quilt top from 2009 when I originally had it slated to become a finished quilt for my niece’s first birthday. Well, as you may know I’m really bad about finishing quilts. Mostly because it isn’t cheap to get them quilted professionally and up until I got my new sewing machine recently […]

  • Lotsa New Stuff!

    I’ve been really busy lately making a ton of new stuff! Last month I made new wallets, zip bags and then decided to make a big box full of new dishes. Free shipping to Ames and Des Moines and Christmas orders must be placed by December 20 to receive them on time. Here’s a small […]

  • Getting Ink’d

    She’s gettin’ a tattoo yeah, she’s gettin’ ink done. Wow that’s an old song. Anyway, I posted a while back about beautiful body art, and I’m excited to say that I’m now the proud owner of some.  I’m going back to get a couple of things added and a little touchup work with the pink. […]

  • Mendocino Quilt Blocks

    I’ve been working through my fabric scraps and I came across the Heather Ross Mendocino scraps that Adria had given me a while back.  She had leftovers after making a really cool mendocino quilt. Here are a few of my favorite ones … They’re 5″x6″ I’m going to add 5-6″ of white fabric around each […]