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  • dear 4th grade self

    I had a post about my double date on Saturday night scheduled for today, but my mom finally scanned this photo that I’ve been wanting her to scan for a while. So instead, you get the worst photo of me ever. A post on The Lunchbox Diaries entitled “Dear Self” prompted me to look for […]

  • Engagement Shoot

    I by NO means am a photographer, so please don’t take that away from this post. My friend Kasey‘s little sister is getting married and she asked me to take her wedding and engagement photos. I was really hesitant to say yes — especially for the wedding photos — because I do NOT do photography.  […]

  • Iowa
  • Sunday Sunday Sunday

    I spent the whole weekend in Ames since it was graduation weekend and the BF FINALLY graduated. We went out Friday AND Saturday. I managed to squeeze in an hour-long run/walk yesterday while he was doing the big graduation ceremony (I didn’t go since I couldn’t sit for that long)…and we went to Applebee’s with […]