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  • a toast

    To the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. Have a safe and fun evening. I’ll be at the bash Mark’s brother’s friends throw annually. Here’s a shot by Justin who took a shot of us doing shots (I hope it wasn’t Scotche) and ringing in 2011. It might have been because if you […]

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  • Fight for your right to PARTY

    A belated happy birthday to me: Margarita time. I had my birthday party last night since I’ve been over-scheduled all month (and into next month too … ugh). What better way to celebrate than cheap [awesome] Mexican food and MARGARITAS. I didn’t realize it was ISU’s homecoming yesterday until the game let out and everybody […]

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  • Halloween

    I love Halloween. Definitely my favorite holiday. It combines two of my favorite things: dressing up and candy. This year I decided that I looked so fabulous in my black dress I got for my b-day that I would need to base my costume around that dress. So … cat or mouse or something else?  […]