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  • Trying it out: Arbonne

    arbonne RE9 advanced moisture kit

    A little while back when I was between face care products, my friend Amanda convinced me to try out some Arbonne products. I’d heard of Arbonne before, and I actually have been using their mascara and makeup primer for years. I borrowed Amanda’s RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture kit for a week to see if it would […]

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  • Strange But Good Nutrition [2]

    strange but good nutrition //

    Here’s some more strange but good nutrition facts from favorite expert-in-training, Brandi. In case you missed it, here was the first installment of Strange but Good Nutrition: Strange but Good Nutrition Facts (1) Starch found in potatoes, maize, and sticky rice is composed of amylopectin, a branched polysaccharide that is digested fast in comparison to […]

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  • immersion.

    I’ve become a reading machine — Mark got me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, and I’ve been mowing through books like it’s my job. I always loved reading, but, — this may sound terrible — holding books has become tedious to me since my hands are so small, and the books I want to […]

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  • Monday Morning Sugar Rush

    …as I sit and eat my makeshift Co-Co Wheats (read: whole grain Cream of Wheat + 2 T ovaltine)… I found this freaking awesome recipe on Bakerella‘s blog. It’s for Chocolate Chip cookie dough brownies…which entails using both a brownie AND a cookie mix from Betty Crocker. Anyway, I’m totally satisfied with my CoCo Wheats […]