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  • Sweet Tunes Thursday: 10 Favorite Albums #6 — Children of Bodom “Are You Dead Yet?”

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    Thank you for the overwhelming support and response to yesterday’s announcement of the #operationpantsfit campaign. I’m hoping that not only will MY pants fit again very soon, but that I can help others to make a healthy goal a reality in the process. Since #operationpantsfit is a group effort, I’m going to create a Motivation […]

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  • Sweet Tunes Thursday: Power. Songs.

    I’m taking a break from Blend Recapping (don’t worry. there’s more. if you’re sick of it, come back next week when I leave for Austin). EDIT: I wasn’t going to recap today (I have tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday for that!), but Janetha posted her Friday night recap last night and I was so excited to see […]

  • craft swap with my coworker

    I so don’t have time to blog about this in its entirety, but for now — I’ve got to post pix at least!  SOOOOO cool.  I’ll share more about what this is about later, but I swapped crafts with my way cool crafty co-worker (who loves metal/punk/cool stuff) and here’s my bounty! I’ll separate it […]