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  • never too …

    I’m not going to cry complain about how I walked 2 steps outside my door yesterday to let the dog out to pee and promptly sprained my left knee (yes, now I have a sprain on both sides of my body). Or about how Mark did the exact same thing with his wrist. Or how […]

  • #fitnessfriday [1]

    As promised, I’m bringing you my weekly fitness rundown on Friday as part of Katie from Talk Less, Say More’s Fitness Friday initiative, and as part of my #operationpantsfit initiative. I’ve been telling Katie that I would participate “next week” for the last several weeks. Partially this was due to my ankle injury, but really, […]

  • MIMM [16]: life + yoga

    I have LOTS of Marvelous going on in my Monday! Where to begin? I know: yoga. Last week I discovered that I love yoga. I’ve spent years hating yoga, but I’d never tried it hot. Hot yoga sounded miserable, and I already hated yoga because I’m super inflexible. I could only imagine that standing there not even […]

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  • The Breakup.

    bloody knee and sprained ankle //

    (Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.) Before I get into this, I have to tell you that yesterday Mark was all, “Those people commenting on your blog post were all talking about how great their guys are and now how great I am.”  Jokingly, of […]

  • Austin-bound!

    Before I get to the good stuff, I have to tell you that I ran a mile yesterday! I never thought I’d be so excited about running a mile. I may have been ignoring the fact that my knee was bugging me since … oh … November … when I fell and bonked it twice […]

  • Iowa
  • I’m ba-aaack.

    Maybe. Just maybe I’m back. And I can thank my fabulous former roommate for running a marathon last month — 20 minutes faster than she anticipated even! What am I talking about? For those of you who’ve forgotten, I used to love running — in fact, that was the ENTIRE purpose for this blog in the […]

  • back in the (running) game

    oooh I’m sooo excited!  I had a fabulous run yesterday and I procrastinated enough to make it outside *just* as the sun finally poked out of the clouds. I ran for 35 minutes, sticking with my plan of increasing my time by 5 minutes a week until I get up to a respectable distance (ie. […]