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  • Marvelous in my Monday: Rearranged.

    I’m linking up to Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday today because something VERY marvelous happened this weekend: our roommate finally moved his stuff out of our apartment. Our roommate hasn’t been living with us since February … but his stuff has. This has been very frustrating because we’re paying for a 3-bedroom townhome for (now) two […]

  • Did I mention …

    I think I forgot to mention that I decorated a little bit. Mostly our room. Check it out! The table in the corner used to be primary blue and red, from when Mark was little, and apparently was Mark’s mom’s furniture when she was younger too. I spray painted it an avocado color that we […]

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  • words cannot describe

    the week of sheer hell that i’ve lived through. 9:30 AM last wednesday I got a text from my sister asking me to call her ASAP. I thought my grandma had died. I was ready for that. Not for this. It was about our 20-year old cousin, who grew up and still lived across the […]

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  • empty spaces

    It’s weird when all your belongings are moved out of a space that you used to call your own. It’s just … empty.  A shell. I was sitting in my empty apartment waiting to get checked out when it hit me that I wasn’t in my home anymore. Then I got to thinking about all […]