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    I’ve become a reading machine — Mark got me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, and I’ve been mowing through books like it’s my job. I always loved reading, but, — this may sound terrible — holding books has become tedious to me since my hands are so small, and the books I want to […]

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  • Workout vacation.

    Only you can make you happy // // originally from

    Nope — not a vacation in which I work out. That’s what Blend Retreat is. 😉 I want to reflect on this last 7 days: my impromptu workout vacation. Our bodies need a break from time to time. I’ve gotten in the nasty habit of only taking a break when my body breaks down. This is […]

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  • faux chocolate malt

    My favorite post-workout snack is a faux chocolate malt. And I think I’ve finally perfected my recipe. Faux Chocolate Malt 1 frozen banana 3-4 ice cubes 3/4 c milk (I use soy milk) 2-3 T Rich Chocolate Ovaltine (or malt flavored OR if you’re feeling naughty, Nutella) Put ice cubes and banana into blender and […]