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  • MIMM [16]: life + yoga

    I have LOTS of Marvelous going on in my Monday! Where to begin? I know: yoga. Last week I discovered that I love yoga. I’ve spent years hating yoga, but I’d never tried it hot. Hot yoga sounded miserable, and I already hated yoga because I’m super inflexible. I could only imagine that standing there not even […]

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  • New Hair!

    I hadn’t cut my hair since sometime this summer so I figured it was time for a new do. I kind of feel like I cheated on my favorite hair lady, but my friend recommended somebody nearby so I got it cut over work yesterday. I feel like it’s a bit too mom-like. Specifically MY […]

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  • hairology 101

    Wow. I’m surprised I still have hair after what it’s been through this year. Whew! I didn’t realize just how much my hair has changed until a passerby at work said “oh you got your haircut … again.” So those of you who’ve met me this past year have no idea, but my hair was […]

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  • new haircut!

    I’m getting my hairs cut … I’ve been pining over this haircut ALL week — saw it in Glamour magazine on Monday or Tuesday during my workout and decided that it’s beyond time for a haircut and I needed something new, cute and different.  Especially since I’m taking a mini-vacay this weekend to Galena, IL […]

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  • New Hair

    I haven’t really gotten new hair since like… 7th grade. Seriously. The most adventurous thing I’ve done to my hair is grow my bangs out, cut more bangs and grow them out again.  I’ve colored it a bunch of funky colors (including pink and green), but never really cut it any differently.  Same cut, different […]