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  • High-profile grammar fail

    I normally don’t post twice in a day, but when I do, it’s because I have something important to say. 🙂 I don’t pretend to know everything about the English language. In fact., I make mistakes here on a daily basis. But, I’m not getting paid a bunch of money to write quips – unlike […]

  • Graphic Design GEEKGASM.

    I’ve been so busy all day that I haven’t even been on Google to notice that the google doodle of the day is an homage to my favorite designer, and probably one of the greatest designers of my time, Saul Bass (thanks for the tip, Kelly!). It would have been his 93rd birthday today, but […]

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  • Nerdboner

    So I have this awesome friend that I met through twitter. I know. I’m a socially awkward geek. So sue me. But he’s an even bigger one, which is where he gets the moniker: Nerdboner. I met him in person a while back and we got some pizza … and he had a bunch of […]