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  • Fitness Friday: #downdogaday

    downward facing dog challenge // 1 down dog a day until july 4 (or longer!) //

    I haven’t linked up to a Fitness Friday over at my friend Katie’s blog for a while, and I thought this post would be fitting, so I’m linking up. So, the second yesterday’s post went live, I went for a 2 mile run, in which I immediately remembered a big reason I haven’t been a […]

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  • #fitnessfriday [3] + @veganmofo

    It’s Frriiiiiiday, friiiiday … thank you, so much, Rebecca Black, for forever cursing our memories with that tune. I’m surprised it hasn’t completely replaced the classic Rick Roll*. Anyway, this week I took it easy (or hard, actually, because I’m not a yogi) and attended several yoga classes. I realized that I haven’t been getting […]

  • #fitnessfriday [1]

    As promised, I’m bringing you my weekly fitness rundown on Friday as part of Katie from Talk Less, Say More’s Fitness Friday initiative, and as part of my #operationpantsfit initiative. I’ve been telling Katie that I would participate “next week” for the last several weeks. Partially this was due to my ankle injury, but really, […]