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  • Dad + Running

    I wouldn’t have started this blog if it weren’t for running. And I never would have been a runner — at least to the extent that I’ve been a runner — without my dad. I get my sense of competition from my dad, which is why I decided to run a marathon. The ONE race […]

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  • Gram.

    I don’t normally write about extremely personal things on my blog. But that’s changing slowly. And this post is about someone very near and dear to me and probably to you too. Gram. Grandma. Granny. Gran. However you say it, your grandma is a very special person who helps shape who you are — by […]

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  • Fight for your right to PARTY

    A belated happy birthday to me: Margarita time. I had my birthday party last night since I’ve been over-scheduled all month (and into next month too … ugh). What better way to celebrate than cheap [awesome] Mexican food and MARGARITAS. I didn’t realize it was ISU’s homecoming yesterday until the game let out and everybody […]