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  • that’s it?

    Three things. Originally I had two things, but I got an e-mail this morning about something fun and I had to share. ONE: I finished this little sampler that I’ve been working on. I think I figured out how to do most of the stitches I wanted to figure out. So I’m moving on from this […]

  • Patchwork + Hot wings

    The patchwork class I taught Saturday and Sunday was a success. I even learned something. Two of the ladies in the class were hardcore quilters, but needed help figuring out how to pick fabrics and wanted a fresh look at things, which is why they took my class. I kept getting guff for not pressing […]

  • Giveaway Haul

    A while back I mentioned that I won a giveaway from Kukoshop in Japan. I got this awesome package in the mail before the new year. So many cool things inside!   Everything was in this adorable plastic bag with some interesting English translation from Japanese.   I was excited to receive this “Cotton Time” […]

  • FQS Giveaway!

    I love giveways, especially ones that involve fabulous fabric. Quokka Quilts is hosting a blogger’s choice giveaway for 12 print fat quarters and 3 solids (holy cow!) of your choice from Fat Quarter Shop. Since I mostly make bags, I picked a bunch of patterns conducive to bag-making. I also mocked up a couple of […]

  • ETC
  • twenty-seven.

    27 is still close enough to 25 to be considered mid-twenties, right? What will this year bring? Who knows.  I already have ONE big change in store, but I’m not sharing just yet (oh the suspense is killing all of my 5 readers).  Cat will be out of the bag by the end of the […]

  • Monday Madness Giveaway

    It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve done a giveaway.  (In case you’re curious, I did one at the beginning of June of 2009, another in the middle of June 2009, one at the beginning of July 2009, one in the middle of July 2009, one in July 2010, one in August of 2010 […]