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  • closing up shop.

    Yesterday I removed most of the items in my crafty etsy shop. I packed up my little zippy bags and sent them to Revival in Iowa City and my wallets were shipped to Vitae Design Collective in Des Moines. I plan to maintain a commission relationship with both of those places. Commission allows me to make and sell without […]

  • artVend

    Guys … guess what? My stuff is in the ArtVend machine at Wheatsfield.   See that? Super cool! 40% of the proceeds go to support  local art. [ you should go buy one of my zippy bags ]   [ here are some of my other zippy bags that aren’t in the vending machine … in […]

  • Handmade Ryan Gosling

    I wanted to blog about this on Monday, but I’d already posted something and my Tuesday was taken with a pre-Christmas tutorial I wanted to share. SOOOooo … Today I bring you MY submissions to Handmade Ryan Gosling. For those of you who don’t follow the internets very closely, this is a newish meme that […]