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  • Merry (almost) Christmas!

    barney stinson, miniature long hair dachshund in christmas winter gear //

    It’s almost here, which makes for a very Marvelous Monday! I don’t send out holiday or Christmas cards, so instead, here’s a lovely e-card for you to enjoy. (not even kidding, that’s Mark’s guitar face) And, these photos of Barney hating life with his snow gear on. Seriously, poor little dude, his little wiener gets […]

  • MIMM [16]: life + yoga

    I have LOTS of Marvelous going on in my Monday! Where to begin? I know: yoga. Last week I discovered that I love yoga. I’ve spent years hating yoga, but I’d never tried it hot. Hot yoga sounded miserable, and I already hated yoga because I’m super inflexible. I could only imagine that standing there not even […]