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  • Market Day Recap

      Due to summer being INSANELY busy for me, I just got involved with Market Day  this year.  It’s only a few months late … My first experience this year was last month. They have an amazing new venue this year — the Kirkwood hotel.  It’s bright, clean and has climate control.  And all the […]

  • Market Day July 2010

    Aaand Market Day. Take 3.  Here’s me in my booth with a lovely new hairstyle and some wonderful new pieces. I was pretty well setup.  I also was the FIRST ONE THERE at quarter to 7 and got an awesome corner spot right in front of the big ol’ fan (which, as it turned out, […]

  • Market Day on Saturday!

    Hey all! It’s that magical time again. That’s right. MARKET DAY! If y’all don’t know what Market Day is by now, you should probably get out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under. Market Day is a casual monthly market for art, vintage, found items, homemade and handmade goods. Artists are encouraged to look […]