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  • Cookie of the Month Club

    I have a problem. I’ve pinned too many cookies on Pinterest. I have so many I want to try. The good news is that I can’t eat most of them (gluten) and I gave my dad and grandpa a “cookie of the month” subscription for Christmas. Which means I’m making a batch of cookies to […]

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    I’m ringing in 2012 by going to the Bears vs. Vikings showdown at noon today (aye carumba!). Who will win? It is a tossup. When I bought the tickets I thought the Bears were sure to win … but now I don’t know. It’s sure to be an interesting game!   Happy 2012 everybody! If […]

  • Apron in Action!

    Last week I posted about the apron I made Emee for Christmas. Here is the apron in action. Mom and Em were making French toast and Emee asked to wear her new apron. So cute! I’m glad she liked it. She was so blinded by Legos (which, for the record, weren’t blind after she was done […]

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  • Macaroni and Cheese

    First of all, I have NO idea how I did this. I actually made creamy and melty macaroni and cheese from REAL CHEESE.  That’s right. The consistency of Velveeta mac and cheese, but without all the processed crap. I used a sharp organic cheddar and a chihuahua cheese (not made from chihuahua’s milk, fyi).  I […]