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  • At least I’m still moving.

    (Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.) I’ve been beating myself up lately because I kind of got out of running. And by getting out of running, I mean that I pretty much completely broke up with it in January and February. We’re talking taking a […]

  • ETC
  • Time Warp: College Roomies

    I recently attended the wedding of the first of my 3 college roommates to get married. For those of you who don’t know, I lived with boys. And one of my long-time girlfriends. She informed me that I need to get on that engagement thing because my other male former-roommate is now engaged. Just us […]

  • FOUND! 100% Awesomeness

    I did Craft Saturday yesterday and amongst the superb vendors there was a lady named Kate Funk. She sells greeting cards. Not just any greeting cards though. CAT greeting cards. And not your run of the mill cat greeting cards either. These are bitchin’. She apparently dresses up her cat, AC, who, by the way […]