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  • It’s heeeeeeee-ere …

    blend 2013 mountains graphic //

    It’s the most magical time of the year. Well, almost. I got my ticket to Blend Retreat — May 17-19, 2013 in Park City, UT. What’s Blend Retreat? If you’ve not been reading my blog, then you might not know (and hello!). It’s a fun-jam-packed weekend of camaraderie with other bloggers that’s sponsored by food and […]

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  • TRX + WIAW: Instasnacks

    Before I get into my WIAW-ness, I have to share something! My friend Cat has been bugging me to help her get in shape. And by bugging, I mean she keeps asking for advice, and I am LOVING it! It is so refreshing to hear somebody asking how hard they should work to be as […]

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  • BLEND Sunday + B&B + Monday Hike

    Guys. I am almost too tired to write one last recap post. Everybody else did a glorious job. And once those are all compiled, I will give you the link to read everybody else’s posts. Because there are some really hilarious recaps out there. Sunday morning we woke up again for some boot camp action. […]