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  • 27 will be a great year.

    mark's undergraduate commencement in 2009

    I know it was for me. Happy birthday to my paramour (a word I stole from you to express that you are so much more than just my “boyfriend”). I hope that 27 brings you everything you have been imagining the past several years while you’ve been working toward your degree. Now that you’re (finally) […]

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  • Juicy Lucies

    So I know you’re all in “get fit and trim” and “eat healthy” mode. But you know, you’ve been doing that for 3 whole weeks now. And the that means you’re probably pretty much done with all of that crap until January 2013. Want something so naughty even I won’t eat it? That’s right. You […]

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  • Macaroni and Cheese

    First of all, I have NO idea how I did this. I actually made creamy and melty macaroni and cheese from REAL CHEESE.  That’s right. The consistency of Velveeta mac and cheese, but without all the processed crap. I used a sharp organic cheddar and a chihuahua cheese (not made from chihuahua’s milk, fyi).  I […]