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  • On writing.

    my idea journal //

    I’ve always enjoyed writing, which is a pretty big part of the reason I have a blog. In my teens I wrote a ton of stories, and I always thought I would grow up to be a writer, or at the very least, an English teacher. I write a lot for my day job, which […]

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  • I’m a Hacker.

    A Twenties Hacker.* What, you were expecting me to say a Marky-Mark-from-the-early-90s underwear hacker? I wish.  That’s right. I started a fitness column on Twenties Hacker. My first official post went up Monday, but instead, I regaled you with ultra-sexy photos of me from a lunchrun. My column is “Fit your Fancy“. Check it out. […]

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  • What I’ve been up to

    I realized I’ve not blogged lately.  Which is weird. But I have been SUPER busy. I’ve been crafting up Christmas presents — for my friends and for those who’ve purchased crafty items from my etsy store for the holidays.  I’ve been spending the past several days filling a pretty large order of tattoo mugs that […]

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  • NaBloPoMO

    Hello! I’ve decided that since I blog just about every day anyway, that I would join the NaBloPoMo movement and blog every day during National Blog Posting Month. Got a blog?  Want a jump start on blogging more often? You should join too. It will be fun! 🙂  There is the little catch of having […]

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  • it’s 2:19 a.m. here

    haven’t seen that time for a while. i’m up cuz i’m doing laundry… not the most glamorous thing in the world. 11 loads total — 3 left to go. w00t. homes for thanksgiving — took the day off tomorrow (thank goodness cuz i’m up doin laundry!). hopefully i can get some sleep in tomorrow…but who […]