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  • 27 will be a great year.

    mark's undergraduate commencement in 2009

    I know it was for me. Happy birthday to my paramour (a word I stole from you to express that you are so much more than just my “boyfriend”). I hope that 27 brings you everything you have been imagining the past several years while you’ve been working toward your degree. Now that you’re (finally) […]

  • Iowa
  • Another Very Special Birthday

    camp fire wo he lo ceremony in 2000 with grandma and grandpa (gram and papa) rush and my sister coree

    Tuesday was Mark’s birthday as well as apparently everybody else ever’s birthday or anniversary, and today is my grandpa’s birthday. I can’t tell you how old he is today, and I’m sure that he prefers that I don’t, but my Papa is very dear to me — I even send him cookies every month. Since […]