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  • FOUND! 100% Awesomeness

    I did Craft Saturday yesterday and amongst the superb vendors there was a lady named Kate Funk. She sells greeting cards. Not just any greeting cards though. CAT greeting cards. And not your run of the mill cat greeting cards either. These are bitchin’. She apparently dresses up her cat, AC, who, by the way […]

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  • 10 Mile Run

    I haven’t run more than 9 miles since last year’s half marathon, but I ran 10 last weekend. And shattered my old 10 mile PR! By 14 minutes. Check it out — here are my race times (some are embarrassing — note that my mile time for the marathon is my WALKING pace, though I […]

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  • 25

    I’m not quite there yet, but the 25th birthday celebration has begun (also known as Calee’s 25th Birthday Parade of Awesomeness). The official 25th birthday celebrations began a few weeks ago with Kelly‘s celebration. For her birthday, we did cake and wine (MollyCake) at Molly‘s place. Molly made an amazing raspberry lemon cake that was […]

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  • I flipping WON a race today

    Welll … that’s kind of an overstatement. I didn’t break the finish line glory or anything, but I got 1st place in my age group (19-24) and 6th place overall in the Capital Striders Capital Pursuit 5K. yes. 5K. Don’t look at me like that.  I don’t normally do short distance, but instead of sitting […]

  • craft swap with my coworker

    I so don’t have time to blog about this in its entirety, but for now — I’ve got to post pix at least!  SOOOOO cool.  I’ll share more about what this is about later, but I swapped crafts with my way cool crafty co-worker (who loves metal/punk/cool stuff) and here’s my bounty! I’ll separate it […]