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  • what I’ve been up to

    … I was on vacation in Chicago last week … but I managed to sweatshop some lovely camera/iPod/electronic cozies. They’re not quite finished, but here they are in the  making. I decided that before I went to Chicago and to The Needle Shop (the highlight of my trip of course) that I had to work […]

  • Apartment (Re)decorating

    I’m super excited about this, but it’s probably pretty boring to most of you. So I finally decided to decorate my apartment, you know, after I’ve lived here for a year-and-a-half and right before I move out in May.  I guess better late than never. I rearranged my bedroom last weekend (finally) at the suggestion […]

  • Projects

    I always have something cooking.  So I’ve decided this is the year that I purge. And by purge, that means I honestly use all of the stuff that I’ve hoarded (ie. art and craft supplies) or they go to a good home or good will. So, to start the year, I’m going to go through […]

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  • Giveaway #4! Ends July 31

    Hey all! I’m doing another giveaway.  I’m loving this. I promise I’ll craft something up for the next one, but in the meantime, I found these awesome pens that I thought would make a good giveaway. They’re fine point permanent markers in several different  colors. Good for sketching, journaling, scrapbooking or whatever you fancy. All […]

  • awesome custom clock from UrbanPosture

    I got this awesome clock from UrbanPosture today.  UrbanPosture is comprised of a couple of local creative people who I met recently through Market Day.  I follow one of the minds behind UrbanPosture, Leslie, on her blog.  Leslie hosts D.I.Y. Nights at the local coffee shop, Mars Cafe.  Their offerings are eco-friendly (which is a huge […]