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  • Moving Highlights.

    Well, my first move of the year is over with. Except (most of) the unpacking (I managed to unpack my bed and my vinyl collection — important things in life) …   (^ this is my moving face.) Full disclosure: I did NONE of the heavy lifting this time, and I feel like an asshole. […]

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  • Flashback Friday: Moving sucks!

    flashback friday //

    It’s moving day tomorrow. I swore last time I moved that we were NOT moving again until I left Ames. BUT, here I am. Moving again. And I’ll be moving again in December when my soon-to-be-temporary roommate’s real roommate moves back into his apartment. Hopefully December’s move will be where I stay planted for a […]

  • BLACK FRIDAY, indeed.

    It’s Black Friday. Are you shopping? I’m not. The closest I’ve ever come to Black Friday shopping is selling at Market Day’s Black Friday Sale last year. By the way, I have to share Market Day’s posters for this year’s Black Friday sale (happening today in Des Moines from 9-5). I’m pretty sure my friend […]

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  • #fitnessfriday [3] + @veganmofo

    It’s Frriiiiiiday, friiiiday … thank you, so much, Rebecca Black, for forever cursing our memories with that tune. I’m surprised it hasn’t completely replaced the classic Rick Roll*. Anyway, this week I took it easy (or hard, actually, because I’m not a yogi) and attended several yoga classes. I realized that I haven’t been getting […]