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Hello, 2018.

I didn’t write a 2017 recap post because although I had a pretty good year 2017 was a shitty year overall: every day a new injustice. I’m hopeful that the promise of a new year holds true and maybe 2018 will be a little brighter.

goals for 2018

2018 Goals

I set out to do too many things in 2017, so this year I’m going to try to focus on a few goals per category.

Writing goals

  1. Continue my daily writing habit. I will consider this achieved if I write an average of 5/7 days a week.
  2. Write a second draft of my Tokens of Kindness book.
  3. Finish outlines and character sketches for everything I have started to write. 

Design goals

  1. Make a plan to integrate this blog, my portfolio, and my shop. If I have time I will execute. This year will be about research, planning, and prototyping.
  2. Continue to learn and practice code. I plan to take the Java and PHP courses on w3 schools. 
  3. Keep practicing and learning new techniques. I want to continue taking SkillShare classes and do some in-person workshops this year. I’m not sure if I want to keep doing the monthly creative challenges this year because I got burnt out on those (hi, my name is Calee, and I set way too lofty of goals).

Food Goals

  1. Limit my sugar intake. Continue to buy foods without added sugars, make processed food and desserts a sometimes thing, and make most of my junk at home.
  2. Find another suitable tomato substitute AND try tomatoes again. This year marks 5 years without tomatoes! I tried minimal amounts of (ultra processed because that’s easier to digest) tomatoes last year and had varying results. Even though I had minimal initial reactions each time, the resulting days-/weeks-long inflammation of my GI system was not worth it. I will keep experimenting with hope that tomatoes might be in my future.
  3. Be better at planning MY lunches. Mark got really into meal prep for lunches which freed up most leftovers for my lunches. I go home for lunch every day, so can usually scrounge up something, but sometimes come up empty-handed. I need to have some pre-planned meals in the freezer. We just bought an instant pot, so maybe this will help with my lack of planning for lunches? (Yes, cooking-nerd friends from whom I’ve begged for reviews, we took the plunge).

Fitness goals

  1. Stretch daily. Maybe even take up yoga…?
  2. Strength train regularly (2-3x a week). Maybe even take up yoga…? Lordy I hate yoga but damn is it good for everything.
  3. Restart chiropractic, massage, and/or therapy (for mental health hygiene). I have an existing relationship with a chiropractor up here (all the way in St. Louis Park!), found a massage therapist I love, and am working on finding a therapist I like. Because the stigma against therapy still exists, I want to mention that therapy is great for mental health hygiene, just like going to the dentist for cleanings. If you have access to therapy you should give it a try—especially if you don’t think you need it—because then when you do need therapy you will have an established relationship with a professional who knows you so your sessions will be much more beneficial to you (just like getting major dental work done—don’t go to a new random dentist, right?). I’ll get off my soapbox (therapy is great)!

Reading goals

  1. Read at least 30 books. For the purpose of my challenge I will not count audiobooks. I don’t listen to audiobooks much anymore since I don’t drive long distance often (thank goodness) anymore and I have a hefty collection of podcasts I listen to daily (ummm…can we talk about Dirty John? And Savage Lovecast?)
  2. Keep focusing on different authors and genres. David Bowie’s son started an online book club devoted to Bowie’s favorite books, so I may read some of these. I have also been trying to read books recommended to me by people in my writing group because they have different tastes than me.
  3. Finish books that I have started—even if this means slogging through ones that I don’t like. I’m better about finishing books that I start than I used to be. Typically I give a book 40 pages before I put it down. I gave up on Ready Player One after about 15 pages because I didn’t see getting into it (IMO it’s the plot from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set to cheap 80s references, but people seem to like it). I still haven’t finished a short book a blog friend of mine wrote a few years ago because it’s not my jam. And I have tried to read The Night Circus at least 10 times (almost made it once!). I plow through some pretty terrible romance books, so why not finish these? Besides, I think my reading taste has changed now that I read more often. I may surprise myself by enjoying some things I didn’t like in years past. Yikes. Just looked at my “started but put down” list on Goodreads and I have some monster-huge books to get through.

Music goals

  1. Continue listening to more new artists/music. My Spankin’ New playlist system worked well for me last year. I want to give my 2017 <3 playlist a few good listens, though, before I start mowing down new albums.
  2. Fix and set up stereo equipment. I would like to have a stereo in the basement, where we spend most of our time, and have a (100% working) stereo in our upstairs living room. We have all the equipment (3 receivers and 3 record players from which to choose) but some of it (mostly receivers) doesn’t work. I love our parents’ old equipment, so I want to try to get that fixed before looking at new stuff.
  3. Blog more about music. Revisit my top 10 albums (that I swore would never change…ha!), do more Sweet Tunes Thursdays, and make a list of “must see” artists that are left on my to-see list.

Household goals

  1. Explore the Twin Cities. New stuff pops up all the time and we have barely begun to see what already exists. This year I plan to go to Como Zoo, Paisley Park, the Weisman Art Museum, Can Can Wonderland, the Walker Art Museum, Marvel Bar, see a show at 7th Street Entry, and many more things.
  2. Travel and plan a trip outside the country. We keep joking about doing a week of Islay scotch tours, but we also joked for years about having cheesecake at our wedding. Scotland, here we come. We keep talking about a New Orleans, Denver, or LA trip, but since we want to save for a larger trip we might do Dallas this year instead. A friend lives there and I have a slight JFK hangover after reading 11.22.63 last year.
  3. Make a household project plan. We are new homeowners and there are a lot of things we want to do to our house, but more importantly, there are a ton of things we need to do to the house. Mostly those involve landscaping and minor paint jobs. Oooh, I see a spreadsheet in my future… 🙂 

Social goals (new for 2018)

  1. Do a better job at maintaining friendships by being the one to initiate get-togethers. Anybody who has ever been friends with me knows that I majorly SUCK at this. I have one friend I made on Bumble that makes a point to do something with me every month. This year I want to be the first one to say “hey, let’s do a thing”. I have a good friend from Iowa who moved here and is FAR more social than I am. I want to do more things with her (I told her once a month is a good frequency for me, and she’s held me to it). I enjoy people from work, so I want to try to plan more happy hours or trivia nights. I also would like to plan to visit some of my friends who no longer live within a 3-4 hour drive. I have multiple friends who live in cities I want to visit, so let’s do that!
  2. Show the fuck up. I’m not talking about flaking on plans. I’m talking about showing up for political and social things that matter to me. Last year I did the Women’s March in the Twin Cities but pretty much quit participating after that. I made the excuse that our state is blue (barely) and our (former) senator already supported everything I support. That and news and politics make my anxiety unbearable (hello night screaming), so I had to take a break (because I’m privileged and can). Part of why I want to start therapy now is to figure out how to be present in this messed up political stratosphere and figure out how I can make a difference—at least in my bubble.
  3. Host something big. We have a house now and have a great space for hosting. We talked about hosting Easter but I’m not sure if that’s a thing we’re doing. We never had a housewarming party, so once it gets warmer outside again we want to do that.
Let’s do this, 2018!

Love on ya, chimes




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