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2017: My Year in Fitness

2017 My Year

I wrote a menu with a variety of goals for myself in 2017. At the time, I liked the idea of having many things from which to choose to do. As the year progressed, the amount of goals felt daunting—even though I never set out to accomplish all of them. It’s nice to have options but I think next year I want to focus on one or two big goals per category.

2017: My Year in Fitness

2017 Fitness Goals

The list below is the original list I wrote in 2016. I crossed off items throughout 2017 as I decided I no longer wanted to work on them.

  • Make fitness part of the daily routine. ✅
    • I walk to work, so most days I don’t have to think about fitness. The last two weeks I’ve been on vacation and it’s been FREEZING outside. Fitness has not been a part of my daily routine, but most of the things on my regular daily routine haven’t been on it these last several days, so…
  • Try to hit my daily step goal more often. ✅
    • I hit my step goal 90-95% of the time. I take part in challenges with friends, which help a lot with my desire to hit my goal.
  • Keep up the dog walking routine. Sadly, there is no more dog to walk
  • Run more often ✅
    • Sort of check? I started 2017 with a race, and ran 2-3x per week on average. In October I tried to run a mile a day (on average) but fell a few miles short when my ankle started to act up again toward the end of the month.
  • Set monthly running goals This leads to me trying to ramp up my running too fast, which always leads to injury.
  • Make yoga part of my fitness.
  • Strength train regularly (2-3x a week). 
    • I still need to work on this. I started doing the LiveFit workout in November, but am not sticking to a schedule. I’m using the workouts as a plan for when I do get to the gym. When real life starts again I plan to get to the gym more frequently—not because it’s the new year, but because most of the time I work out outside (running, hiking, walking), and it’s too effing cold for that now.
  • Stretch daily.
    • I really have done better at this. I stretch when I get up in the AM and I stretch at my desk at work when I find a minute to do so.
  • Restart chiropractic and massage therapy. This requires $$$. Maybe a 2018 goal for after we replenish our savings from buying a house?
    • I really want to restart both this year. I think I’ll start with chiro since I should have coverage for this through work and I have a chiropractor I like here (although he’s a major drive away from where I am!).

How I moved in 2017

  • Ran an 8-mile race with my friend Heather in March.
  • Ran 2-3x a week for most of the year (and 1 mile a day every day in October).
  • Started the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer again to get a base strength going. Not being so rigorous about it this time but am using it to rebuild base muscle so that I can continue to run when I want to. All the injuries I get are traced back to having a weak core, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • I’ve been stretching more often but not as much as I should.
  • I did massage a couple of times this year but would like to do it more. It’s way expensive, unfortunately.
  • I hit my step count almost daily and average out to daily when you count bigger days.
How did you move in 2017?

Love on ya, chimes


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