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2017: My Year in Books

2017 My Year

I wrote a menu with a variety of goals for myself in 2017. At the time, I liked the idea of having many things from which to choose to do. As the year progressed, the amount of goals felt daunting—even though I never set out to accomplish all of them. It’s nice to have options but I think next year I want to focus on one or two big goals per category.

2017: My Year in Books

2017 Reading goals

The list below is the original list I wrote in 2016. I crossed off items throughout 2017 as I decided I no longer wanted to work on them.

  • Expand into different genres and authors. ✅
    • Although I have always been a constant reader, I stick to authors and genres I know I like (for me that’s 90% Stephen King, 5% David Sedaris, and 5% everybody else). This year I took suggestions from friends and my Kindle, cruised “best of” lists, tried a totally new genre (romance), and tried not to read Stephen King (his books are SO LONG they suck up all my reading time!).
  • Read some classics.
  • Hit fifteen (or more) books. ✅
    • I hit 24/15 books this year. I should be at 26 or 27 by the end of the year as I’m set to finish 2 today and potentially a 3rd by the end of the year.
  • Read longer books. ✅
    • I tend to read books that are 300 pages or less. Now that most of my reading is on a Kindle, I don’t notice the page count until I get into a book. Also, I think the publishing industry has changed because nearly every book I read this year was 350 or more pages (including romance where 25–50% of some of the books, IMO, can be edited out).
  • Read for research. 
    • Since I spent three of the last four years researching for a thesis, I had to remember what this goal was really about: Research for writing! This goal is actually why I chose to read romance. At the beginning of 2017 I was writing a time-traveling romance, but this has since morphed into a few different things. I got to the point of writing the “love” scenes and didn’t know what to do. These books helped with that in a few ways: 1) I figured out that I don’t want to write love scenes (allude to them instead), so I changed the genre of my book, and 2) I realized romance novels are all about having fun—cotton candy fluff—and that’s why people enjoy them.
  • Hit at least five of my Want to Read list on Goodreads 
    • Most of the books I read this year were from my Want to Read list.

What I read in 2017 (from Goodreads)

2017 My year in Books (from Goodreads)

I crushed my reading goal in 2017!

Love on ya, chimes


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