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2017: My Year in Writing

The last thing I wrote about was NaNoWriMo 2017 (which I started and didn’t finish), so I thought my 2017 writing goals was a great place to pick up again.

2017 My Year

I wrote a menu with a variety of goals for myself in 2017. At the time, I liked the idea of having many things from which to choose to accomplish. As the year progressed, the amount of goals felt daunting—even though I never set out to do all of them. It’s nice to have options but I think next year I want to focus on one or two big goals per category.

2017: My Year in Writing

2017 Writing goals

The list below is the original list I wrote in 2016. I crossed off items throughout 2017 as I decided I no longer wanted to work on them.

  • Join a writing group. ✅
    • I joined a writing group and participated for most of the year—until I began teaching because that took more time than I anticipated.
  • Continue my daily writing habit. ✅
    • I wrote daily for most of the year up until the last couple of months. I have been burnt out (creatively and otherwise) because of the holiday season with too many commitments. I did make a TON of crafts in this writing lull (a quilt and almost an entire crocheted blanket!).
  • Write three blog posts a week.
  • Keep writing on my novel.
  • Finish writing Tokens of Kindness book ✅
    • I finished a first draft of this and submitted this to my writing group for review. They gave great feedback but I haven’t written a second draft yet. This may become my 2018 goal.
  • Edit Tokens of Kindness book
    • (see above)
  • Finish designing Tokens of Kindness book
  • Publish and publicize Tokens of Kindness book
  • Edit Graphic Design Social book 
  • Write “Tokens of Kindness” section of Graphic Design Social book
  • Fix design of Graphic Design Social book
  • Publish and publicize Graphic Design Social book

What I Wrote in 2017

  • Lots of reviews of other people’s work—for the writing group I joined and for others who asked me to review their work
  • Finished draft 1 of my Tokens of Kindness book (workbook based on my grad school thesis)
  • Started a 3rd draft of my creepy hotel romance/thriller
  • Started another version of my time-travel romance (this stemmed from the same 1st version as the creepy hotel romance/thriller did)
  • Blogged semi-regularly (1-2x a week) most of the year until I started teaching, which took up more of my time than I anticipated
  • A short story for a 24-hour writing contest in MPLS
  • Character sketches and outlines of various short stories connected to the creepy hotel novel(s)
Although I didn’t meet all the lofty goals I set out to achieve, I think I did pretty well this year with writing.

Love on ya, chimes



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