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2017 Goals Check-in: October (almost there!)

2017 My Year

I wrote a whole lotta goals for myself to accomplish this year, and I almost totally forgot to check in on them (oops). Next year’s goals will be more focused. I won’t accomplish some of these this year, and that’s okay. Some of these I don’t care to meet anymore anyway.

I crossed out goals I no longer plan to do this year, put a check mark by accomplished goals, and bolded the goals I want to focus on until the end of the year.

Without further adieu…

Writing goals

  • Join a writing group. ✅
  • Continue my daily writing habit.✅ (keep working on this!)
  • Write three blog posts a week.
  • Keep writing on my novel.
  • Finish writing Tokens of Kindness book ✅
  • Edit Tokens of Kindness book
  • Finish designing Tokens of Kindness book
  • Publish and publicize Tokens of Kindness book
  • Edit Graphic Design Social book 
  • Write “Tokens of Kindness” section of Graphic Design Social book
  • Fix design of Graphic Design Social book
  • Publish and publicize Graphic Design Social book

Design goals

  • Become a deft coder. ✅ (ish). We launched a new website this year and I learned a TON.
  • Fix p5 sketches
  • Self-publish a design book.
  • Redesign blog and portfolio, coding a theme from scratch.
  • Learn a new design technique each month. ✅
  • Become a better typographer. ✅
  • Get involved with the local design community. ✅
  • Add new designs to the wedding invite shop.

Food Goals

  • Make a green marinara / pizza sauce with tomatillos. ✅
  • Maybe try tomatoes again. ✅
  • Make a couple of difficult / high-quantity of ingredient recipes from our cookbooks. ✅
  • Keep working on meal planning and grocery shopping. ✅
  • Be better at planning my lunches. ✅ And I even got Mark into meal planning!
  • Continue the random vegetarian trend. ✅
  • Eat more green things. ✅
  • Limit my sugar intake. ✅ This is an ongoing battle (sugar is EVERYWHERE).

Fitness goals

  • Make fitness part of the daily routine. ✅
  • Try to hit my daily step goal more often. ✅
  • Keep up the dog walking routine. Sadly, there is no more dog to walk
  • Run more often ✅
  • Set monthly running goals This leads to me trying to ramp up my running too fast, which always leads to injury.
  • Make yoga part of my fitness.
  • Strength train regularly (2-3x a week). 
  • Stretch daily.
  • Restart chiropractic and massage therapy. This requires $$$. Maybe a 2018 goal for after we replenish our savings from buying a house?

Reading goals

  • Expand into different genres and authors. ✅
  • Read some classics.
  • Hit fifteen (or more) books. ✅
  • Read longer books. ✅
  • Read for research. ✅
  • Hit at least five of my “want to read” list on Goodreads. ✅ 

Music goals

  • Listen to more new artists. My “spankin’ new” playlist on Spotify is DAYS long… trying to catch up.
  • Hone some DJ skills.
  • Learn more about vinyl. ✅
  • Setup stereo equipment
    • Fix dad’s receiver Maybe? This is another $$$ thing, so maybe it’s a 2018 goal.
    • Get a shelving system (pretty one) that works for us ✅
  • Create a digital backup copy of all of our music
    • Mark’s CDs ✅
    • My CDs ✅
    • Vinyl (another $$$ thing)
    • Cassette tapes (another $$$ thing)

Household goals

  • Explore the Twin Cities: Mark and I are making a list of (mostly free) things to do and will be making more of a concerted effort to do them. So far, we visited the MIA and quite a few restaurants and parks on our list.
  • Travel outside of the United States $$$ I guess I could get a passport and drive the 8 hours to Winnepeg. 🙂
  • Travel somewhere new (to me) for a weekend $$$ Unless we go somewhere new to us that’s cheap (like in Minnesota). 
    • Portland
    • San Fransisco
    • New York to visit friends
    • Louisiana to visit friends
    • Dallas to visit friends
    • Boston to visit friends
    • Florida to visit friends
  • Finish quilts and give them away $$$
  • Plan gallery wall ($$$ will do when we move)
  • Finish (or trash) painting ✅ (for now)
  • Frame artwork ($$$ will do when we move)
  • Stretch wedding painting ($$$ will do when we move)
  • Hang art ($$$ will do when we move)

Love on ya, chimes




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  1. This isn’t goal related, but I’m excited to see you and catch up in a couple months! 🙂

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Me tooooo! 🙂 Assuming it doesn’t blizzard that weekend.

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