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FO Friday: Sofia Quilt

It’s been a while since I posted an FO Friday post.

What the heck is an FO?

FO is an acronym for “finished object” in the craft world. I couldn’t find an article explaining this, so maybe this term isn’t used anymore? I still like this acronym because it goes with a sister acronym, UFO (unfinished object).  I like to say that I have tons of UFOs lying around the house.

Here are some of my previous FO Friday posts.

The Sofia Quilt

Back in August, my friend Shelly had a baby (named Sofia). I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to make her something for her new little toot. I congratulated Shelly and asked what colors she decorated her nursery so I could make something to match. Her answer: teal, gray, lavender, and gold. Love.

I wanted to make something quickly so Shelly could start using it right away. I opted to make a quilt because I have lots of lovely fabrics in the teal/gray/lavender/gold scheme. Due to timing, I didn’t do patchwork or fancy quilting. Instead, I cut different lengths of fabrics and pieced them together, then (very carefully) quilted straight lines following the grid lines in the fabric on the back.

I based the Sofia quilt on my adorably easy baby quilt that I made for my nephew back in 2014 (which is now known as “tía Calee’s blanket”).

Sofia Quilt by chimesdesign // Sofia Quilt by chimesdesign // Sofia Quilt by chimesdesign //

Have you made anything lately?

Love on ya, chimes



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