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Sweet Tunes Thursday: Pixies (+ The Breeders)

Last night I saw the Pixies.

I have very few bands left on my “must see” list; Pixies were one of about 5 bands I hadn’t seen. Until last night. My ears are still ringing! They were LOUD. And fast. Mark may have been the youngest person in the audience.

If you don’t know the Pixies, you really should get to know them! They are late 80s / early 90s alternative (underground?) punk, and they continue to make great music. I was introduced by way of their compilation, Wave of Mutilation: Best of the Pixies, back in 2005.

Here are three of my favorites, although they only played “Caribou” at last night’s show.

But I didn’t get to see Kim Deal.

I’m more than a little sad that their original bassist, Kim Deal, isn’t in the band anymore. She’s currently with her band, The Breeders, who are touring with Arcade Fire and will be in St. Paul at the end of this month. I just saw Arcade Fire in 2013, so I didn’t want to spend the money on tickets this year. Even though the Breeders’ entire original lineup is touring (argh). And they play the Buffy Theme Song live sometimes.

Here’s something you probably know by The Breeders (and it’s the most 90s alt video I’ve seen in a while), their new single, and the Buffy theme.

Who’s on your “must see” list?

Love on ya, chimes

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