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July Creative Challenge: Week 2 Check-in

Creative Challenge: Write Every Day. July 2017. lifeplusrunning.com

July Creative Challenge: Write Something Every Day

Goals for this challenge

This one is literal: write something every day.

How will I measure “something”?

Just that. Write something.

Challenge log

  • July 1 (Oops! I hadn’t picked a challenge yet, so this day doesn’t count, right?)
  • July 2 ✅
    • 2,007 words—a sketch for a new(ish) project: LA time-traveling romance.
    • My original idea was three things mashed into one, so I’ve separated the three ideas into three potential stories and am writing each. I mentioned that I separated the original idea into two stories. Neither of those versions included time travel and as I worked on each, I realized I wanted to try writing time travel.
    • Here’s the new project synopsis: An engineer in her mid-30s decides it’s time for a change—she’s tired of her 9-5 and the never-ending buzz of the city. Against her brother’s advice, she leaves her life in Chicago and heads to Los Angeles to pen the book she’s dreamed of writing. She stays at Hotel Cecil hoping that its infamous history will inspire her work. There, she meets an idiosyncratic man whose interest in her research is flattering but almost unnerving. He accompanies her on her investigation where she uncovers an unlikely story that’s undeniably not just a legend.
  • July 3 ✅
  • July 4 
    • 400 words: Wedding Wednesday: Jessica Invite blog post
    • Taking this writing challenge as an opportunity to blast through my unfinished drafts!
  • July 5
  • July 6 ✅
    • 250 words: Letter from male lead to female lead.
    • NaNoWriMo Camp challenge—write something in the voice of one of your characters. 
  • July 7 ✅
    • 850 words: Phone conversation between female lead and her brother.
    • NaNoWriMo Camp challenge—write something in the voice of (another) one of your characters. 
  • July 8  ✅
    • 1110 words: 11 character “sketches” for new book.
    • Whoa! I’ve heard authors say that their characters “come to the fire” and become more vivid as you write, but I have never experienced this. I usually have a decent idea of who my main characters are (usually 2 people), but not like this. I have a vivid idea of a whole cast of characters and can imagine conversations between them that aren’t solely for plot. 
  • July 9 ✅
    • 270 words: Wedding Wednesday: Erika Invite blog post
  • July 10 ✅
    • 400 words: Today’s check-in blog post.
  • July 11
  • July 12 ✅
    • 270 words: Wedding Wednesday: Jordan Invite blog post
  • July 13 ✅
    • 370 words: Plot nuggets and additions to character sketches
  • July 14
  • July 15  ✅
    • 90 words: End paragraph of this post
  • July 16
  • July 17
  • July 18
  • July 19
  • July 20
  • July 21
  • July 22
  • July 23
  • July 24
  • July 25
  • July 26
  • July 27
  • July 28
  • July 29
  • July 30
  • July 31

What I need to work on this week

Actually making time to write. I usually write in the AM because I’m too mentally exhausted to write in the evenings, but I haven’t allowed myself enough time to write in the mornings. I’ve been getting up way late because I’m tired from work (two big projects due) and moving prep. I write sometimes while walking (thanks, Scrivener mobile app!) since most of my ideas happen while I’m walking or running, but I hate being one of those knuckleheads who never looks up from her phone while walking. Anywho—if I get up earlier (even 10 mins), I’ll have time to write.

Love on ya, chimes




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  1. Steph says: Reply

    Does Scrivener have dictation? Seems like that might be a good way to write while walking and still see everything around you. Good job writing every day!

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Oh, duh. I could totally use dictation, except then people could hear me talking about my weird plotlines… 🙂

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