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2017 Goals Check-in: July (half-way point!)

2017 My Year

I wrote a whole lotta goals for myself to accomplish this year. January Calee was ambitious. January Calee had just come off of six months of unemployment and forgot how unambitious Employed Calee can be. I planned to check in on these goals monthly, but here I am writing the second check-in post. Meh? Oh well.

As I read through these goals I decided it’s not worth fretting that I won’t accomplish some of these this year. Some of them I don’t want to accomplish anymore. Others I don’t have the funds to accomplish right now (since we just bought a house). And others are so lofty that when I read them I actually I laughed out loud (lol irl).

I crossed out goals I no longer want to accomplish this year, put a check mark by accomplished goals, and bolded the goals I want to focus on for now. How long is now? I don’t know—maybe another 3 months until my next quarterly check-in?

Without further adieu…

Writing goals

  • Join a writing group. ✅
  • Continue my daily writing habit. I want to write something daily—even if it’s just a quick note over here.
  • Write three blog posts a week.
  • Keep writing on my novel.
  • Finish writing Tokens of Kindness book ✅
  • Edit Tokens of Kindness book
  • Finish designing Tokens of Kindness book
  • Publish and publicize Tokens of Kindness book
  • Edit Graphic Design Social book 
  • Write “Tokens of Kindness” section of Graphic Design Social book
  • Fix design of Graphic Design Social book
  • Publish and publicize Graphic Design Social book

Design goals

  • Become a deft coder. ✅ (ish). We’re launching a new website at work soon, and through this process I learned a lot of new skills, but it’s clear I have a lot more to learn. 
  • Fix p5 sketches
  • Self-publish a design book.
  • Redesign blog and portfolio, coding a theme from scratch.
  • Learn a new design technique each month. ✅
  • Become a better typographer. ✅ (?—need to figure out how to measure this)
  • Get involved with the local design community. ✅
  • Add new designs to the wedding invite shop.

Food Goals

  • Make a green marinara / pizza sauce with tomatillos. ✅
  • Maybe try tomatoes again. ✅
  • Make a couple of difficult / high-quantity of ingredient recipes from our cookbooks. ✅
  • Keep working on meal planning and grocery shopping. ✅
  • Be better at planning my lunches. I will start making something on Sundays or putting together a bag of groceries to keep in the fridge at work for the week.
  • Continue the random vegetarian trend. ✅
  • Eat more green things. ✅
  • Limit my sugar intake. ✅ This is an ongoing battle (sugar is EVERYWHERE) so I want to keep working on this. I cut out most dessert things and make a lot of our sweet things myself. 

Fitness goals

  • Make fitness part of the daily routine. ✅
  • Try to hit my daily step goal more often. ✅
  • Keep up the dog walking routine. Sadly, there is no more dog to walk
  • Run more often ✅
  • Set monthly running goals This leads to me trying to ramp up my running too fast, which always leads to injury.
  • Make yoga part of my fitness.
  • Strength train regularly. 
  • Stretch daily.
  • Restart chiropractic and massage therapy. This requires $$$. Making this a 2018 goal for after we replenish our savings.

Reading goals

  • Expand into different genres and authors. ✅
  • Read some classics.
  • Hit fifteen books. ✅
  • Read longer books. ✅
  • Read for research. ✅
  • Hit at least five of my “want to read” list on Goodreads. I read 2 (Girl, Interrupted and the Sociopath book), am currently reading 11.22.63 and 1984. Need to pick another “want to read” and finish the two I’m currently reading.

Music goals

  • Listen to more new artists. Started out strong, but haven’t been listening to my playlists or The Current lately at work because I need more familiar stuff or white noise to listen to while coding.
  • Hone some DJ skills.
  • Learn more about vinyl. ✅
  • Setup stereo equipment
    • Fix dad’s receiver Maybe? This is another $$$ thing, so maybe it’s a 2018 goal.
    • Get a shelving system (pretty one) that works for us ✅
  • Create a digital backup copy of all of our music
    • Mark’s CDs ✅
    • My CDs ✅
    • Vinyl (another $$$ thing)
    • Cassette tapes (another $$$ thing)

Household goals

  • Explore the Twin Cities: Mark and I are making a list of (mostly free) things to do and will be making more of a concerted effort to do them. So far, we visited the MIA and quite a few restaurants and parks on our list.
  • Travel outside of the United States $$$ I guess I could get a passport and drive the 8 hours to Winnepeg. 🙂
  • Travel somewhere new (to me) for a weekend $$$ Unless we go somewhere new to us that’s cheap (like in Minnesota). I may get in on Mark’s work trip to Denver in November?
    • Portland
    • San Fransisco
    • New York to visit friends
    • Louisiana to visit friends
    • Dallas to visit friends
    • Boston to visit friends
    • Florida to visit friends
  • Finish quilts and give them away $$$
  • Plan gallery wall ($$$ will do when we move)
  • Finish (or trash) painting ✅ (for now)
  • Frame artwork ($$$ will do when we move)
  • Stretch wedding painting ($$$ will do when we move)
  • Hang art ($$$ will do when we move)

Love on ya, chimes




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