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June Fitness Challenge: Week 4 Check-in

June Fitness Challenge: Reset my Workout Habits

This month I aim to:

  1. Add three 20-minute sessions of vigorous cardio once a week (running, biking, other heart-pumping activities).
  2. Strength train two times a week. Each session should include six exercises. I don’t remember where I read the rule of thumb as six different exercises, but this rule has proven its worth to me, so I’m keeping it.
  3. Do 15 minutes of yoga each week. Ideally, add a few moves after the vigorous cardio.

Here’s what I did each day.

June 22

  • Ran 20 minutes
  • Strength Trained
  • Yoga (stretches after running)

June 23

  • Walked for 60 minutes over lunch
  • Walked for 90 minutes after work

June 24

  • Ran 20 minutes—I was shooting for 30 but I tripped over my own feet (go figure!) and ended up cutting this run short because I was bleeding all over the place. Fun times. 
  • Yoga (stretches at stop lights while running)

June 25

  • Walked for 120 minutes

June 26

  • Walked for 60 minutes over lunch
  • Yoga at my desk (thanks for the tips, Tamara!)
  • Walked for 60 minutes after work

June 27

  • Strength trained
  • Yoga stretching

June 28

  • Ran 20 mins
  • Strength trained
  • Yoga for 10 mins

June 29

  • Walked for 120 minutes

June 30 (today!)

  • Run 20 mins
  • Strength train
  • Yoga stretching

What to keep working on…

More regular exercise. I still have trouble getting the motivation to do the cardio and strength training stuff. I think yoga will become easier because I recently discovered meditation, and yoga is sort of related to meditation. I actually think that’s the part of yoga I didn’t value before, so maybe now with a different mindset I will like yoga more.

PS: this month I’m not doing a recap since I recapped every week. 🙂 

 Love on ya, chimes


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