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June Fitness Challenge: Week 2 Check-in

June Fitness Challenge: Reset my Workout Habits

This month I aim to:

  1. Add three 20-minute sessions of vigorous cardio once a week (running, biking, other heart-pumping activities).
  2. Strength train two times a week. Each session should include six exercises. I don’t remember where I read the rule of thumb as six different exercises, but this rule has proven its worth to me, so I’m keeping it.
  3. Do 15 minutes of yoga each week. Ideally, add a few moves after the vigorous cardio.

Here’s what I did each day.

June 8

  • Walked for 60 minutes over lunch.
  • Walked for 60 minutes after work

June 9

  • Run 20 minutes 
  • Strength trained (legs + chest + abs)
  • 5 minutes of yoga outside after my run I found a lovely landscaped area on campus that I’ve started using as my post-run yoga studio. 

June 10

June 11

  • Unexpected rest day due to an allergic reaction. I haven’t done a food allergy update for a while, but I can eat most of my original list of allergens now (quinoa and tomato are off-limits, but have tried to integrate tomato back in slowly). My best guess on the culprit: sunflower seeds. I think they’re cross-reactive with my seasonal allergies.

June 12

  • Ran 20 minutes in the rain 
  • 5 minutes of yoga outside after my run

June 13

  • Walked 60 mins over lunch
  • Walked 60 mins after work

June 14—(today’s plan to finish this week’s goal… same as last Wednesday!)

  • Walk for 60 minutes over lunch.
  • Run 20 minutes 
  • Strength train
  • 10 minutes of yoga

What to work on next week

I need to work on non-running cardio activities. I hate being stuck to a machine, but I think I should try doing a different motion than running and walking to get to different muscles. Last week I started lifting before doing cardio and I had more motivation to lift (and enjoyed it!) because I wasn’t mentally exhausted from running and walking. I’m going to stick to lifting before cardio and see how that goes.

 Love on ya, chimes

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